10 Best 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC in India with Buying Guide

Air conditioners are happened to be these days daily usage gadgets. Some years ago, even an installation was a status symbol, the bus, as time passed by, human demands went beyond everything. Even nowadays, some peculiar examples attract our attention that people do not have proper flooring in the house, but they do have ac installations. AC has become a primary necessity in daily life.

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People need relief after a hectic day in the office, a night of good sound sleep without interruption, and that even works as one of the prior reasons to install the ac. Previously before globalization, the cost of AC was also very high, but gradually companies have tried to catch the demand level of the middle class. A gadget that was solely made for the comfort and luxury of the upper class has now reached the small cabin of a small medicine shop. The diverse usages of ACs have also enhanced the business sectors; besides providing comfort, the way it helped the hospitality sector to grow more is really very, very commendable.

But choosing the right product is a big deal. Not every room size needs the same type of model; not every room needs a split ac. New urbanization always calls for the same product though, that’s why the selling of split AC has increased this much. But which deal is best, and what to grab, which is budget-friendly, all these details are not always known. To know the best deals and get rid of any type of confusion, there go some of the best honest reviews to guide the buyers properly.

Best 1.5 Air Conditioners in India 2021

1) Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Anti Microbial Filter, 2020 Model, FTKG50TV, White)

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This model of Daikin is equipped with Coanda mode, which helps the machine to distribute the air evenly throughout the room. Self-diagnosis features have also been introduced to this product. If any problem occurs within the machine, then it gets shown on the remote control so that the reason for the problem clearly becomes visible to the user itself. Useful sleep timer has also been added to this model, for that the temperature does not need to get rechecked while sleeping as per the user’s convenience and the overall temperature the air conditioner will do it accordingly.

No need to install an External stabilizer for this product, as the Internal stabilizer is so powerful, it can very well catch the voltage up-down. So, there is no need for the extra hassle. It consumes a very low amount of energy/electricity. It’s an inverter supported material, so any default runs perfectly without any damage. Daikin’s insulation keys do not at all get affected due to sunlight like the other products; the UV protection of it is powerful and runs perfectly. Due to fir and other safety issues, this product’s internal system has been changed and accordingly stabilized.


  • It provides a very refreshing air.
  • Smell operations have been introduced.
  • Smooth rotation completes enough air circulation to every corner of the room.
  • Perfectly urbanized.


  • The indoor unit does not have a display. 

2) Bluestar 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (2020 Model, IC518DBTX, White)

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This model has been equipped with the HCP, high cooling protection, that establishes unified air distribution through all the rooms, which is any day more preferable than all other products. Next comes in the row the climatic conditions and their adjustments. It works really well on all-weather types. Be it a coastal area or plain area, for that matter. The product has been equipped with Multi-layered filters, and seven air filters are present here.

These do purify even the smallest of microorganisms. So, the quality of refreshing air can become more and more purified. Dual user preference has also been launched here, where two users can set their temperature preference, and that will be set for life. No Changes will be required. The aesthetically designed hidden display has been added to this model as well—a very sleek and furnished outlook.


  • It comes with Aluminum furnish, DC brush.
  • Powerful mode, instant cooling options.
  • It is equipped with I-feel technology input to personalize the products.
  • It has a dehumidifier, inverter specifications.


  • Only cold feature specification.

3) Carrier 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2020 Model, CAI18EK5R30F0 ESKO NEO-i HYBRIDJET INVERTER R32 White)

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One of the best air conditioner companies so far in the market. All types of new-age operations have been set up in this product. The cool flex technology is one of them, which helps the product to run perfectly; the user can control the energy consumption accurately. From 100%, 75% to 50%. The act of convenience is the primary feature here. This product gets applied for the higher degrees as well, even when the temperature is around 50 degrees, then also the superior quality of air production amazes the customers.

Follow me feature can be controlled by the remote; here, the temperature of the room can be set upon as per the user’s choice, and also, the background temperature details do influence this. An excellent sleep mode has been upgraded here; due to this mode, every two hours, 2 degrees get upgraded, but after that, the temperature gets stable down for the next 6 hours, and then automatically, the machine gets switched off. This is the 8 hours of good sleep mode where the user does not have to invest any extra effort.


  • No requirement of stabilizer, inbuilt stabilizer facility.
  • Auto-cleaning technology does not allow the smallest of wrong items.
  • Both side smoothing rotation.
  • It fits all weather types.


  • Installation charge is a must.

4) LG 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, LS-Q18YNZA, Convertible 4-in-1 Cooling, 2020 Model, White)

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This is one of the front liner products of LG. This product had come up with some new terminologies before this product; such features were really foreign elements to the users. Concepts like Himalaya cooling, monsoon comfort had been added to the feature details. Himalaya cooling is nothing but the cooling state that this ac gives, and it feels like a Himalayan cooling experience. Besides that, monsoon comfort, right after summer, the way temperature increases this is also very commendable, precisely adjusts the temperature.

Anti-black corrosive protection has been used for the durability of both indoor and outdoor units. Anti-black protection fins have been added for the better life of the entire machine. HD filter erases all types of ill materials from air, from air pollutants to dust to mites everything. Super protection filtration is another brownie point. A 10 years warranty on the compressor ensures the long life of the machine. Very well to handle and low on maintenance. This is best 1.5 ton inverter ac by lg.


  • Does cover an extensive range of areas.
  • It offers an easy cleaning mechanism and easy to understand techniques.
  • Its reducing inconvenience while troubleshooting.
  • Can even resist industrial wastes.


  • Wi-Fi control not available. 

5) Sanyo 1.5 Ton Inverter Wide Split AC

Sanyo 1.5 Tons 3 Star Inverter Split AC (SI/SO-15T3SCIA, White)

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This particular product is being equipped with duo motors, and on that works independently. This ensures faster and speedy cooling of the room. Glacier mode has been introduced to the product, which improves the cooling quality and establishes immediate cooling. 2.5 and anti-filter dust that enables the filters to erase dust, pollen, and other particles one by one. Very effective for the machine as well as very useful for the users as well. This Sanyo Product enables a self-diagnosis feature; the user does not have to take the load to understand what is there in the internal storage; it will be visible clearly to the students automatically.

The full copper wired condenser has been used. Sleep functioning has also been robust, does not need the interference of the user works as per the setup method. The timer function is too powerful; automatic on / off is not a big deal; it works perfectly. Auto-cleaning also runs perfectly. Hydrophilic fins protect extra rust and other particles. Again, that gives longevity to the product and ensures the warranty does not go waste. Ten years of classical warranty on the compressor is also very valid.


  • Auto-restart ensures hassle-free on/offs after power cuts.
  • R32 refrigerant has been used.
  • Low electricity consumption rate.
  • Eco-friendly features.


  • May have some difficulties while getting a proper service center.

6) Godrej 1.5 Ton Split AC

Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, Anti Bacterial Filter, 2020 Model, GSC 18NTC3-WTA, White)

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This product establishes powerful cooling in all the rooms; powerful cooling is being initiated by the instant cooling procedure. R32 has been introduced and is working as an eco-friendly element to produce better cooling. Layered air filters are there. A tight purification is being made. From dust to all sorts of evil particles get eliminated as special features anti-bacterial, mycobacterial, and all sorts of other filtrations have been used. Protection wise really is a perfect choice. It operates in a completely silent mode, with no noise production, and a completely good sleep version: 100% copper condenser and more durability.

Complete service is based on remote control specifications. Active carbon filters give adequate safety to the machine so that any kind of interference gets stopped. That gets helpful for the users as well as comparing their health. Self-diagnosis is also available; the user does not have to rely on the results; it can be shown very easily to the display screen. Easy accessible. Low on maintenance.


  • It is energy-efficient, low consuming rate.
  • Dehumidified protection enabled.
  • It has inbuilt inverter protection.
  • Even air distribution.


  • A stabilizer needs to be bought.

7) Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Split AC

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star 2020 Split AC with Copper Condenser (1.5T NEOCOOL 3S COPR, White)

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It is one of the best air conditioners selling brands so far. This has always been one of the most fantastic attractions of all the buyers so far. Turbo technology has been incorporated as well as other instant cooling features have also come under knowledge because of this. An excellent sleep function has also been incorporated, which gives 8 hours long sleep proof protection, gives sound sleep quality. Since the necessity for the user to stay awake till midnight and do whatever is required.

R 32 refrigerant has been used to upgrade the eco-friendly mechanism within the machine so that the gas that comes out comes out clean and no such dust particles get into this matter. During power cuts, there is no need to worry; auto-restart mode will come into the place where the machine will automatically switch to on and off buttons. The same goes for the auto swing thing, both vertical and horizontal swing produced air circulation evenly. Complete copper condenser and copper pipe give complete protection even if it saves the machine from accidental fire issues.


  • Environment-friendly settlements.
  • Easy handling capacity.
  • Always available service center.
  • It offers a wider range of air circulation.


  • Installation charge is mandatory.

8) Toshiba 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

TOSHIBA 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, RAS-18BKCV-IN+RAS-18BACV-IN, Gloss White)

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Powerful cooling technology has been equipped in this product where cooling caters through the entire room and that too very instantly, without creating any noise, since there have been some new inventions in the machine itself where inclined designed fans have been used in order to give a soundproof all night long experience. That seems to be very useful for the newborns and the kids as well. A 13% extra fan coil unit and 10% extra heat transfer had been introduced, giving the immediate cooling experience. Aqua resist coated coil has been used here, which is very low on maintenance but really very high on providing constant service.

This particular coil exhales the moisture, dirt, polluting material from air, so fearlessly, the user and the family can breathe fresh air without any second thought. PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) have been used in order to give security to the machine. And due to the presence of these two components, the machine gets a long life. Quick service. A veteran product amidst all the new ones. So we can very well say old is gold.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • High ambient cooling fits in all weather types.
  • It is also equipped with the Advanced purifier mode.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, urbanized look.


  • Does not work as a customized product.

9) Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper 183VCZS White)

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This amazing gadget is brought to you by a very old company in this sector of producing air conditioners. Very high cooling technology has been incorporated as well as the instant cooling feature is also there. High ambient cooling is also a key feature of this product; in all-weather types, it gets fitted. Weather-wise no adverse situation occurs. It’s very much transparent and user friendly. Humidifiers have been introduced, considering all weather types, especially the rising temperature of the coastal regions that benefit from this feature.

Auto clean specifications, as well as dirt collector protections, are also there. Any kind of evil floating material in the air is being collected and gets purified too so that users do not have to suffer. A 4-way auto louver has been added here; that’s why the air distribution process tends to be so strong. Multi-layered filters have been used; that’s why even if there’s any evil particle in the air that gets omitted. Erasing all sorts of bad probabilities welcomes a better chance of implementation.


  • 100% copper made condenser and cooling coil allow smooth protection and anti fir spreading.
  • Environment-friendly usage.
  • Very sleek and modern outlook.
  • Low electricity consumption rate.


  • Voltage up-down can be an issue.

10) TCL Elite Turbo Ultra Inverter AC

TCL Elite Turbo 1.5 ton 3 Star Ultra-Inverter Split AC (Copper, TAC-18CSD/V3, White, Fast cooling)

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It is a very new product in the row. But as per service, it suits them best. The ultra inverter capacity saves 40% of the electricity consumption rate, which is a rare phenomenon for other market available products. The instant cooling is so powerful that within only thirty seconds, the temperature reduces from.30- 18 degrees. So, it’s very well confirmed that the product can both be used indoors and outdoors.

Inbuilt air cooler is another specification that erases all the possibilities of evil material. Titan gold coating’s presence serves the lotus effect and does not let water droplets to retain on evaporator fins and creates enhancement for the life of both Evaporator and Condenser. An overall high-rating new product, since the manufacturing date, is not that outdated, and the concepts of facts input are still fresh in the making, so why not give it a try.


  • Exceptionally energy saving.
  • Very sleek furnishings.
  • Budget-friendly outputs.
  • Inverter stability is higher than other products.


  • Smart features are not available.

Buying Guides for the Best AC 

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Finding the right AC according to your preference can get tedious at times. Neither less to say, with all the various price range and options to choose from, it just makes the entire process a lot harder. That is why, we have properly curated this buying guide offering you the right assistance you need while making your next AC purchase.


The price range of the air conditioners have always differed; no fixed price range could come up and stabilize the market. But it is always advisable to buy such Products that are not very high on price, and also not very low on price too. Medium range durability has always been a viable option.


Style-wise it should be perfect with the home decor. Wherever it is going to be installed, that place’s height, length, the color should influence the color and shape of the product. Not every room needs the same feature-based products. The room’s own height and length also become important when choosing a product.


Two basic features that all air conditioners must have are the copper condenser and cooling air. By considering the fire and safety issue, it is also preferable to buy something that adds extra protection to the product. It prevents not only such actions but also gives long life to the machine, better for the compressor to run.


These days most of the products are inverter portability enabled. No need to worry about power cuts and added tantrums; the machine will not switch off since it runs on an inverter too. The machines which run on inverters have to be low on electricity consumption. Energy-related criteria should also bet there is the buyer’s priority. This is the key area for all of us to get confused. For inverter ACs, nobody needs a separate stabilizer; stabilizing capabilities are innate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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1) What is the best Air Conditioner Brand in India? 

It is really very tough to identify or recommend any particular brand that way. Since there has been a way of too many brands that have been fulfilling the needs of the customers for a long while now. Every single product is carrying forward some amount of authenticity; previously, all these variations were not available. So, while choosing the product, both the modernization and classical orientations need to be noted down. Whatever company it is, it has to have strong foundational input.

2) Which is the best Air Conditioner Product for kids? 

There are no such specific details that any kid should follow. But one static thing where the parents need to be careful while replacing the baby in the ac room is nothing but the hot and cold air specifications. Initially, things were bad, but now that the products are coming up with features like sleep mode, memory timer, Alexa technology, auto-off, silent mode, parents should go for that. It is better if the machine has an HD remote control; also fir safety issues need to be sorted down. So that during the absence of the parents, no risk factor gets enabled.

3) Is there any arrangement needed for split ac installations? 

Initially, no such prior arrangements are needed for all these. Since ac installation had become a very common phenomenon in today’s time but water releasing pipe and the situation of the ac positioning is very needed here. Where the ac is being installed, that plays a pivotal role. Also, it is always preferable to ask the company employees to install the product instead of local ones. There should be some installation charges for a few brands, but that needs to be given there cannot be any other productive choice.

Final Takeaway 

Air conditioners are these new-age inventions, a lot of industries are dependable on this product. Previously when cold air, just a status symbol, is now benefiting a lot of people. Air conditioners and its pros and cons should not overcome human need. Likewise, this is not the end; a lot of new explorations from science and technology would take over. We should not get lost.

Model perfection of air conditioners and their flaws are not something that will go away with time; previously, it was there, in the future, it will be there, but that should not increase the amount. From auto-start off to swing option, to soundproof sleep, all these have come up because people wanted it. The urban lifestyle demanded it. Air conditioners and a country’s upgradation and urbanization are very closely related. The more ACs are being installed, and we can very well say the more the monetary sector is going ahead.

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