Renewable Energy: Facts and Information, is it the Future?

With the increasing consumption of renewable energy, this energy might be the future and can replace natural gases and oil. In this article, I am going to talk about its facts and will give you some information about it.

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The energy which comes from natural resources and can be replenished is called renewable energy. According to statistics, more than $286 has been spent on it. 7.7 million jobs have been associated with this industry. In consideration of human development, it can be used anywhere from a rural place to a most developed place with the economic benefits and energy security. That is why it is rapidly deploying everywhere.


  • Renewable energy comes from natural resources like sunlight, water, wind, hydropower, biomass, rain etc.
  • More than half of renewable energy is used for producing electricity.
  • It doesn’t emit Carbon dioxide.
  • As a result of increasing prices of oil and natural gas, renewable energy is being used more in recent days.
  • If we use more renewable energy, we can reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emission, renewable energy can be a weapon.
  • It helps to reduce electricity bills.

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Millions of years ago, renewable energy was used in the form of biomass and fossil fuels. With the increase of voyaging on the sea, this energy became the source of wind. Scientists were working on the alternative, which could reduce the level of greenhouse gases. So, they found a solution.

In 1873 Professor Mouchot wrote:

  • The time will arrive when the industry of Europe will cease to find those natural resources, so necessary for it. Petroleum springs and coal mines are not inexhaustible but are rapidly diminishing in many places. Will man, then, return to the power of water and wind? Or will he emigrate where the most powerful source of heat sends its rays to all? History will show what will come.

In 1911, the significance of solar energy was construed, and then, after 1970, some environmentalists started to promote renewable energy. It was not hard then to spread the use of this energy.

Important Sources of Renewable Energy

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Hydro Power

Water dams have been used by the people as the source hydropower. Being the leader producers, China, Russia, USA, Brazil have been generating the most source of energy.

Wind Power

It started 7000 years ago as the source of driving ships over water. But nowadays, wind turbines are used to generate electricity.


It is mainly used for cooking and heating. Geothermal energy is created from the earth’s internal heat.


Another most popular technology which is used to create electricity is solar energy. It captures the sun rays and converts it into electricity.


It is derived from plants or plant-related materials. It’s flexible energy able to fuel vehicles, heat buildings and produces electricity.

The Bottom Line

The governments are taking more initiatives to increase the use of this energy. As alternative energy which is also referred to as eternal energy, it can combat climate change because there is no fear of global warming effect with it. Just imagine how the new world will look like with renewable energy.

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