SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Cleaning can be a hefty task if done in the old traditional way. We insist that it’s time to turn to vacuum cleaners to avoid being a puppet of the past and sweeping and washing the floor with a broom and wiping sticks.

The handheld vacuum cleaners are the new market capturers with higher cleaning efficiency. The hard-to-reach corners or the stubborn stains all can be easily removed with the help of these kinds of vacuum cleaners. Similar to any other product there lies a catch here too. Choosing the wrong one can make you regret the decision and make your purchase feel like a complete loss of money.

We would consider the best-in-class vacuum cleaner to address the question of which one to buy to get the most out of your hard earned  money. That is the SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum.

SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe (NV360)

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The shark ninja navigator as mentioned is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner which is a bag-free powerhouse. This unit weighs about 7.5 pounds, which is very simple for both day-to-day use and transport. The vacuum has a battery that lasts about 25 minutes. It is designed to move into and out of narrow spaces. It comes with a power output of 18 Volts or 14 Watts.

Shark is one of the most trusted brands all around the globe. This company stands number one when it comes to quality and providing services to its customers. Currently, it has 550 patents on the technologies developed all by the company themselves. Shark Ninja Navigator is one of its perfect products.

Best-in-Class Features

Powerful suction

With the 18 Volt output, the Shark Ninja Navigator cleans almost everything and pick even small dust particles from everywhere. The corners are the hardest of all when it comes to cleaning, but with the Shark Ninja, it’s possible.

Even cleans pet hair

When it comes to having a pet at home, its grooming is the most challenging part. When you groom your pets, especially dogs and cats, there is hair that is so tiny that you miss cleaning them up. But don’t worry the Shark Ninja is here for your rescue. As mentioned above, it suctions objects as light as animal hair.


Although the price of the Shark Ninja Navigator may not be so pleasing, for the job, it does it’s probably the best-in-class and most affordable compared to its other counterparts which offer the same service and not so reasonable rate. The price may vary in online and offline modes, but the function remains the same.


There are only a few vacuum cleaners that provide the cordless function with decent battery life and higher suction power. The Ninja Navigator is one of them which provides 20-25 mins of battery backup, which is sufficient for cleaning two bedrooms at a single charge.


Today’s vacuum cleaners have several advanced features that you cannot even imagine. Cleaning would be quick for you because you have a vacuum cleaner with cutting-edge technology. It’s very light and flexible. It also does not come with any crevice instruments, so it is strictly a vacuum for the board.

Here are a few questions that we always face from customers who are in the quest of purchasing the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ’s)

Q1. What is the dimension of this product?

A1. The dimension as per the company’s guidelines is 26.7 x 24.4 x 116.8 Centimeters and weighs around 3.4 Kgs.

Q2. Can the vacuum cleaner be used on hardwood and tiled floors?

A2. Until vacuuming, ample amounts of soil and rubble, such as rocks and dry bits of mud, can still be picked up. That being said, the Ninja navigator has enough suction capacity to get rid of all kinds of dirt on the surface.

Q3. How much time does it take to charge?

A3. Although the real answer lies in how old the vacuum cleaner is but generally, it takes three-four hours to charge.

Q4. How to manage the dust cup?

A4.The dust cup is of average size but does the job correctly. It should be emptied after every session to maintain the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

Q5. Can it handle animal poop?

A5. Yes, it easily can, but the bag should be emptied immediately after the session so that the vacuum cleaner can help clean for a more extended period.


SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum Review is the master of all cleaning chores at home or work. You can always rely on this vacuum cleaner for the toughest corners and grime.

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